Boot Camp

Led by Becca Dickerson

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you just feel stuck? You’ve read all the self-help books, done everything you can to overcome a pattern that’s not serving you well or an addictive behavior, and even though you know all the right answers in your head, it isn’t working. Maybe this has even brought up some questions for you about God. Are we meant to just struggle through life?

If any of this resonates with you, I’m inviting you to join us in the Breakthrough Boot Camp group. In this group, we’re going to be discussing these topics and more:

  • How to evaluate our lives to find the root causes of feeling “stuck”

  • How spiritual laws can work for us or against us

  • How our thoughts and core beliefs affect the rest of our lives

  • How to identify triggers and develop strategies to overcome them

  • How to find transformation, not just coping skills

  • How to express feelings in a balanced way and use them for our benefit

  • The value of “seeing” the victory

  • How to maintain a mindset of faith


Along with many other sources, we will be using the book Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel. However, this is going to be much more than a book club. This is intended to be a community supporting each other as we learn and exercise these concepts. If you’ve ever bought a personal development book and then set it on the shelf after reading a couple chapters, you know that support and accountability is essential to finding growth that lasts. Without it, it’s just too easy to fall back into old, comfortable patterns of reacting to life. And there is SO much value in doing this work in a group setting, because we can share breakthroughs and insights with each other.

This material is being presented from a Christian perspective, combined with information that the secular world and the scientific and medical communities agree on. If you have any questions about that, reach out to me at

You can also purchase a one-on-one coaching package if you want to go deeper into breaking through the barriers between you and God’s purpose for your life.

COST & DETAILS: The group will involve seven 90-minute sessions offered between June and September. Exact times and dates will be determined by participants. Participants will need to have a copy of the book Winning the War in the Mind by Craig Groeschel. The price for the group is normally $300, however, for this first beta group, it is $150 (50% off).